• Paintball Gear to Go is available at your location within the Seattle Area
  • Complete set of rental gear
  • 500 Paintballs per player
  • Available 7 days a Week
  • Total Cost is $65 per set + tax.  (Additional Equipment Deposit Required)
  • Additional Paintballs available for purchase
  • Rental period is 24h
My Reservation Details
Cost for 10 rental sets
Additional sets+ $55.00 each
Reservation Deposit
Additional Players + $10.00 each
Due on Play Date
Additional Players + $45.00 each
Total Cost: $650.00
Reservation Deposit Paid Today: $100.00
Due on Play Date: $550.00


Field Paint Only. Must cancel, change date, or time at least 7 days in advance or forfeit deposit. Sales tax calculated on total cost will be added to balance due.