FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I’m a parent, what should I know?

Will the paint wash out?

Does it hurt?

Are there Games on Sundays?

How many paintballs will I need?

Private Sessions?

How old do I have to be?

What should I bring / wear?

Acceptable forms of Payment?

Q. I’m a parent, what should I know?

A. At ForestFire Paintball, safety is our number one priority. All our games are officiated by trained refs. Every player is required to receive a safety briefing before entering the field. Markers (guns) are all chronographed to ensure everyone is shooting at a safe velocity. We do everything we can to ensure your child gets the best, safest paintball experience they can get. Feel free to drop your kids off for a full day of paintball and know that we’ll be looking out for them! Please call us anytime at 425.879.2102 with any concerns you might have. We’re happy to talk with you!

Q. Will the paint wash out?

A. Yes. Dirt and mud are more likely to stain your clothes. It’s a good idea to wash your clothes fairly quickly after you get home as staining is possible if left too long, especially on lighter clothes. After washing, check clothes for shell fragments before moving them to dryer.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Yeah, sometimes. Other times not at all. Typically it’s like getting snapped by a strong rubber band. If you’re worried about it consider layering up your clothing.

Q. Are there games on Sundays?

A. We do Airsoft on Sundays from 10am-3pm.  Paintball is available as well for private groups by reservation.

Q. How many paintballs will I need?

A. Depends how aggressive the player is. Newer players tend to fire less than experienced players and thus use less paint. For the beginner, 500 rounds is often enough for a three-hour session, but that completely depends on you.

Q. A groups of friends and I want a private game, is this possible?

A. Yes. Click Here for details.

Q. How old do I have to be to play?

A. As required by our insurance, you must be 10 years or older.

Q. What should I bring / wear?

A. Clothing: Even a thin layer will make a big difference when it comes to getting hit.

» Camouflage or dark colored clothing – The field is wooded.

» Gloves – Knuckle shots can hurt.

» Cup – Rarely needed but still suggested.

Paintball Gear: Note – Limited tools and replacement parts are available at the field, please bring what you’ll need to maintain your own marker. Excludes rentals.

» Masks – Anti-fog spray helpful.

» Markers – Rentals Available – BARREL BAGS REQUIRED! Bring your own or purchase at field for $6.

» Paintballs – Available at Field – Field Paint Only, please do not bring paint from home.

» Towel and/or toilette paper for cleaning gear. Microfiber is the best option for cleaning your mask.


» Waiver – If under 18 years of age, click here for waiver… Waiver must be printed out and signed by parent before playing.

» Bottled water – particularly as it gets warmer out.

» Snacks for longer games.

Note: Pizza Factory and Alfy’s Pizza both deliver to our field in Arlington.

Q. Acceptable forms of payment?

A. Cash or credit card.  No checks please.