Back Story:
Russian Empire
The Russian communist party regained strength and took back Russia. The Russian people were not happy with the Communist party gaining control and started to riot. With the help of the Communist Guard they massacre all the people that were rioting. This became know as Red Riot massacre. With this massacre the people revolted against the communist party and reinstated the Tsar Monarchy.
Americas Free World (North and South America)
With the two Empires emerging North American and South American countries band together to create the New NATO Government. NATO is the last of the free world that has the ability to fight the emerging Empires.
Main Story:
World War 3 is in progress and the Russian Empire finds itself in need of more resources. To keep the Russian war machine going they invade Syria. The Syrian people had no chance to defend themselves from the ruthlessness of the Russian invasion. NATO responds to the cries for help from the Syrian people, but because of the bureaucracy of NATO the response was too slow. Russian Tsar forces have secured Syria and NATO now plans to help liberate the Syrian people.