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    *I will follow the rules of D-Day, including limiting myself to semi-auto fire and will use event paint only.
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What:    16th Annual D-Day Game

Where:  ForestFire Paintball Arlington – 17022 Burn Road, Arlington WA 98223
When:   June 29th, Sign-ins from 07:45, Rules & Information Meeting at 09:15, Beach Landing at 10:00.
Cost:    $35 if pre-registered by June 23rd, $45 on the day of event. Event Paint Only!  All day HPA included.  Co2 will be available in the Allied staging area and will cost $5 per fill.  Note:  HPA tanks are available for rent at $5 (+ ID) and include unlimited fills.
Prizes:  US Army Carver One, Alpha Black , Project Salvo, and much much more TBA!

Additional Information:

As per tradition, this years D-Day is going to be BIGGER and BETTER!
Lot’s of changes to the field and newly added bunkers.
Non Stop Action.  Frequent reinsertion, no chapter breaks.  Props, smoke, other fun surprises await you!
Separate Staging for Axis (up top) and Allies (regular Saturday Staging).
Event Paint Only Note:  D-Day is an event paint only event.  Do not bring paint from home.  There will not be an opportunity to use it (that includes before, during, and after, as well as Chrono).  Paint must be purchased at the field on the day of the event.


Gates will open at 7:30am.
Allies will park in the main parking lot / staging area.
Axis will park and stage in the upper parking area.
This is accessed via the power line road. If you have not pre-register, please head to the Allie’s staging area.
HPA will be available at both staging areas.  Co2 will be available at Allies staging.
Paint will be available at both staging areas.



Victory Points: Determine who wins or loses the day and are earned as follows.
Beach Landing: 100 points (50 points for taking or holding Omaha Beach, 50 points for Utah Beach)
Domination: 60 points. Following the beach mission, points will be based on domination points on the field.  At the top of each hour, flag stations will be checked for a raised red or blue flag.  If you team’s color is fully raised, your team will gain points for that flag for that hour.

Mission Points: Are earned by completely completing missions. They do not count towards the final score or effect who wins or loses the day.  Mission points are for temporary use of Dirty Bombs, Spies, Intel, Paratroopers, or calling for a Field Reset.  Mission points can only be spent by active Generals.


Missions will be assigned by team Generals throughout the day. The missions may include the following:
1.  RECON – Visit a designated location and prove it
2.  RESCUE – Fight your way to Fritz or Tommy and bring him home.
3.  RECOVERY – Nazi Gold.
4.  BOMBING – Destroy designated landmark with provided munitions.
5.  ASSASSINATION – Eliminate designated opponent.
6.  OCCUPATION – Hold set domination point for designated period of time.
Talk with your General, get involved in the missions!


Instant respawns at designated field entrances for both teams.  Additional spawn points TBA.


You may step off the field at any time for lunch.  We expect to have a food truck this year at the field and will update closer to the event.  Outside food is welcome, so feel free to bring a lunch if you’d prefer.  Generals must designate a replacement before leaving field or no missions may be assigned or points spent.


We’ll break for prizes shortly after 4pm.  Players must be present for drawing to win prize.


Printed Waiver – (Signed by parent if under 18)  Get it here
Water – We’ll have it available for sale but bringing your own is a good idea too.
Food – Pack a lunch or bring some cash.
Extra clothes – You will get dirty.
Good Sportsmanship – Understand that it may be hot out, maybe muggy, may even be pouring down rain.  Remember that the guy you’re shooting at needs to have a good time or he won’t come back.  Avoid overshooting.  Give players a chance to call themselves out.


Paintballs – Even if you bought them at the field at another time.  This is an EVENT PAINT ONLY event, meaning the paint we’re using for D-Day is the only paint that may be used.
Bad Sportsmanship – We are a woodball field.  There will be times when you get hit and no one but you will know it.  Call yourself out, catch the next reinsertion.  Others might not know but you will.
Full Auto Fire – All markers must be set to semi-auto, chronographed at less than 300fps.  If you know you’re capable of shooting 15+bps, please limit your rate of fire to <10.5bps.  Be considerate of your target.

Past D-Day Photos:

Click HERE.