What:    18th Annual D-Day Game

Where:  ForestFire Paintball Arlington – 17022 Burn Road, Arlington WA 98223
When:   June 17th, Sign-ins from 08:00, Rules & Information Meeting at 09:15, Beach Landing at 10:00.
Cost:    $35.  Event Paint Only!  All day HPA included.

Additional Information:

Event Paint Only Note:  D-Day is an event paint only event.  Do not bring paint from home.  There will not be an opportunity to use it (that includes before, during, and after, as well as Chrono).  Paint must be purchased at the field on the day of the event.


Gates will open at 7:30am.

Parking in main lot.  Overflow under the powerlines will be available as needed.


Hour long objective “chapter” missions.  Chapter 1 will be the Beach Landing.


Respawns will be determined by the mission objective, TBA.


Water – We’ll have it available for sale but bringing your own is a good idea too.
Food – Pack a lunch.  We’ll let you know if onsite food options will be available as we get closer to the event.
Extra clothes – You will get dirty.
Good Sportsmanship – Understand that it may be hot out, maybe muggy, may even be pouring down rain.  Remember that the guy you’re shooting at needs to have a good time or he won’t come back.  Avoid overshooting.  Give players a chance to call themselves out.

Waiver (Digital) – (Signed by parent if under 18)  Fill it out here


Paintballs – Even if you bought them at the field at another time.  This is an EVENT PAINT ONLY event, meaning the paint we’re using for D-Day is the only paint that may be used.
Bad Sportsmanship – We are a woodball field.  There will be times when you get hit and no one but you will know it.  Call yourself out, catch the next reinsertion.  Others might not know but you will.
Full Auto Fire – All markers must be set to semi-auto, chronographed at 285fps.  If you know you’re capable of shooting 15+bps, please limit your rate of fire to <10.5bps.  Be considerate of your target.

Past D-Day Photos:

Click HERE.